“The Big Short” makes “boring” exciting



Before I start my review, I would like to point out that I am indeed speaking about the movie and not the book. This is one of the rare cases where I prefer the movie just because it brings more life to the story, especially with the inclusion of some of our favorite actors.


The Big Short is a Drama/Comedy film starring actors like Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell, Christian Bale and Brad Pitt. The movie was written and directed by Adam McKay and released in late 2015. It won numerous awards and even features guest appearances from Margot Robbie, Anthony Bourdain, and Selena Gomez.

The film follows the stories of three different group of people, all located on Wall Street, who figure out/are told that the housing market will collapse in a matter of time and decide to bet against the housing market. The movie is set in the mid-2000’s shortly before the economic crisis of 2008 in America, the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression in 1929.

The Big Short’s purpose is to serve an explanation of the housing collapse in 2008 in the best way possible. It brings credit default swaps, subprime loans, and interest rates to life, which is extraordinary, considering that hardly anyone seems to fully grasp the whole issue and Wall Street seems to speak their own language.

I would recommend The Big Short to all audiences, no matter if you’ve ever heard anything about economics or not, although I would recommend keeping Google at hand. I found myself needing to look up terms more than once during the movie. The financial crisis of 2008 is extremely complex and impossible to understand in one movie, however, The Big Short provides good insights and is a great start to learning the primary problems which lead to the crisis.


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