Why Communism Fails


Communism is a system where all property is common good so the community owns all factories. Additionally, there are no social classes, no money, and no state. The term “Communism” in its earliest form was first introduced by Victor d’Hupay, a French philosopher, in a book he published in 1777. He defined it as a lifestyle in which all inhabitants share all economic products with each other. Karl Marx was the founder of what we know as “modern communism”. He was a Prussian economist, political theorist, and author of “The Communist Manifesto”.

In theory, communism sounds nice. Everyone is happy and all is fair. However, in reality, communism just simply does not work for numerous reasons. First of all, communism gets rid of the incentive to work hard. In communism, you are not rewarded for working harder than others. The question arises: “Why should I put in any effort at all if I can just do the minimal work that is required and get the same reward?” This can be seen in the poor performances of countries in which communism reigned. No matter how badly an employee performed, he could not be let go as unemployment didn’t exist.

An economic principle that causes issues and hectic in a communist society is scarcity. The more scarce a product is the higher its cost. This is how it works in a capitalist economy, whereas in a communist economy the price does not go up. Sounds great but in reality, this means that rationing is the solution. So imagine waiting in a line for three hours to get your ration just to find out that they’re out of rations. And if you’re lucky enough to get a ration it will most likely not be sufficient. 

The most ironic thing about communism is that they advocate a classless society, however, even in a communist society, there must be someone in charge. The communist leaders and government benefit from many privileges. So instead of getting rid of classes, the leaders in charge have just separated their society into two classes. History proves that such leaders amass a huge personal wealth at the expense of all the others.

These are just a few (of the many) reasons why communism failed and always will fail. If you are interested in learning more about the history of communism and further reasons why it failed, check out the links below.


Further Information/Links I used:


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