Shoe Dog: The Inspiring Journey to Nike

pexels-photo-345415.jpgShoe Dog is the official biography and story of how a business, founded on a small seemingly meaningless idea, became the world’s largest provider of athletic shoes and clothing. Written by Phil Knight, founder and now chairman of Nike, Inc., it additionally provides insights into Phil’s personal life and his struggle to find out what he’s meant to do. Never before has a book been quite as inspiring as Shoe Dog, capturing and documenting what actually goes on behind closed doors in a business start-up.

The book starts out with Phil Knight describing his situation as a fresh college grad. Stuck living with his parents and no girlfriend, he feels unfulfilled and lost. The book follows him around during the next years of his life as he goes about his quest and his company becomes Nike as it is known today.

I would personally recommend this book to everyone, even if you’re not personally interested in Finance & Business or Nike. It not only teaches us how business start-ups work, but brings us valuable life lessons on dealing with difficult people, unknown situations and times of hectic. Throughout the book, Phil Knight describes countless hardships while maintaining a clear head and staying cool. He should be an inspiration to us all.

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